New England

so my grandmother died friday evening. so i jumped on a plane and headed back in mass I've been up north since Sunday afternoon. thankfully rob picked me up at the airport. I saw darby later that evening! yay! we went to Chipotle!:) and walked around the mall of course, then Monday I spent the day with my mom we went to the mall to get bras and stuff and also an outfit for my Grammys funeral. :-( ad Tuesday I didn't do much that I can recall, besides picking up my uncle at the airport in Boston. he flew in from Los Angeles! was awesome to see him :). he spent the night and off to the funeral we went Wednesday morning, thankfully darby was there thru it all, it all felt so surreal. I felt kinda numb. I'm glad I had her by my side. how rough that day was. but after I got home we hung out for a little longer and then she had to head to work, bleh. Thomas and Megan came down and got me and we all went out to dinner in Concord NH! met up with Sarah, patrick and Tanya his new gf. had an awesome time. I miss everyone so much already. I spent the evening yesterday hanging out with Tara!!! yay I got to see everyone!:) so now I'm just waiting to leave for the airport to head back HOME! finally to see my babes!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!

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